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Making Macros Work

Here at Emom Nutrition I have clients weigh and measure their food and track their macros. I think it's the most effective way to understand how much food is actually needed to see the results they want and the people want to lose weight. They really want to lose fat specifically and besides going the keto route, counting macros comes in second on the popularity list (although it shouldn't). Honestly, it doesn't matter if you follow a paleo diet, intermittent fasting, low carb, or keto, if you want the best results possible you better be counting macros. How many grams of protein do you eat? How many carbs do you have on a daily basis? Are you eating too much fat? The answer, by the way, on the last one for almost everyone is a yes. Let's tackle that last one first.

O.K., you just got started with Emom and I gave you your macros and you are a week in and you keep going over on your fats. What to do? Well for starters review your log. How many whole eggs and bacon are you eating at breakfast? How much heavy cream or coconut oil are you putting in your coffee? A lot of crossfitters that have been around for a while are entrenched deep in the paleo lifestyle and are getting all their fats for the day just in breakfast! I would begin by switching out a few eggs for some egg whites and the regular bacon for turkey bacon or Canadian bacon. I would just ditch the full fat coffee all together and just add a little 2% milk or almond milk. The rest of the day would be rounded out with the leanest protein choices to avoid too much fat at lunch or dinner.

Can't hit your carbs? Then you just might not be eating enough carb dense foods. When we weigh out 153 g of cooked sweet potato it comes to about 27 g of carbs. When we weigh out 153 g of cooked basmati rice it comes to 47 g of carbs. Rice, quinoa, and oats are great carbs dense foods to add if you are struggling to hit your carb numbers. Lest we not forget about good old bread! Two slices of most brands comes to about 42-44 g of carbs and there are a lot of organic whole grain choices out there now days. Even Kroger's Simple Truth line has an organic bread now. Throw in your leafy greens and your cruciferous veggies and boom! carbs are done.

Protein probs? Well if you eat meat, put it in every meal. Toss in a protein shake or two if two are needed and call it a day. If you are vegetarian or vegan you may have to rely on protein powders a little more than others and there are some really good quality plant based proteins out there now, Mrs. Emom works for Garden of Life and they make some of the highest quality plant based protein powders you can find. Beans are a great resource for protein as well.

I hope this helps macros make a little more sense to you and helps you hit your numbers if you are trying this macro thing solo, but if you want more direction and guidance give me a shout at and remember nothing will trump patience and consistency! Stick with it or get help. Never stop never stopping!

Coach Corey

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