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The Open Is Over, Now What?

Another year and another Crossfit Open has come and gone. I hope everyone out there is happy with how they performed or at least the effort you gave. The open is notorious for exposing weaknesses in your sport of fitness game and this year wasn't any different. You probably have already made a list or talked to your coach about how to tackle these weaknesses so next year is a different story.

For many of you out there a major weak link could be your nutrition. You'll stay after class or get to the box early to work on your double unders or work some muscle up drills but how are you going to address your nutrition? "Well, I eat paleo so I'm good." or, "I eat clean so that's not a problem." are answers coaches get alot. They were answers I got all the time. But your coaches have to coach. So they get the next class started, the conversation ends there and you keep on paleo'n away and clean eating your heart out (which by the way has varying degrees of meaning) and life goes on.

Now, I'm not hating on paleo. Everyone could stand to follow it to some degree, but just because it falls into the paleo category doesn't mean, all you can eat. How many calories we consume and where those calories are coming from will always win. Every Single Time. So you may want to put back that third paleo cupcake.

Crossfit is hard. It's crazy fun but it's also crazy hard. You don't need to make it harder because you're under eating certain macronutrients and recovering poorly. I know you give it your all in the gym. Why don't we try giving it our all in the kitchen. So don't let 2017 be another year where you eat the same way and the same amount but expect different results. Check out our website and send me an email if you have any questions on how Emom Nutrition can help you.

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