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Back To The Basics

Most diets fail because they are too extreme and restrictive and the basics are not emphasized first or at all. Everyday healthy habits like drinking enough water or eating your veggies (yes, their important!) with most of your meals never becomes second nature. So, even if you do make it to your end goal you are left with only old bad habits to fall back on. We are the product of our environment and the sum of our habits. Focusing on creating healthy habits and a healthy environment will serve you better than extreme dieting every single time. This is where we begin.

Too Much, Too Little?

How do we know if we are not getting enough food? Or too much? We use an app similar to MyFitnessPal called Lose It! to track your food so you know you are getting the correct amount of calories and nutrients your body needs. Your coach can also view your food log at anytime and you can message your coach through the app as well when you have questions! You can click on the blueberries to open your Lose It! account now!

Our Method

Counting macros, weighing, and measuring your food is the most accurate method our clients can use but it is important to understand it is not essential to see weight loss and to look and feel better overall. If seeing your abs and being photo shoot ready is a goal then yes it probably is, but it is not what everyone needs. It is something our clients will learn how to do when it's appropriate but it is always important to remember that it is not a requirement to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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